Encoder/Sender, Decoder/Receiver, Satellite, Streaming and Transcoding

The Swiss Army knife for Live Encoding!

The TV world is changing – more and more content will be delivered to the internet and for broadcasting using IP networks.

The new miniCASTER® StreamMachine® is an SDI encoder capable of doing both, covering multi camera web productions as well as high end broadcast studio link applications providing streams up to 30 Mbit. Thus making the live of production crews easier than ever before.


miniCASTER® SDI Receiver
Getting in the live signals with low latency

The miniCASTER® SDI receiver is the perfect companion for decoding live signals. Of course we recommend the miniCASTER® encoder as the signal sending device, but it will also understand signals from third party decoders. Equipped with two SDI out connectors you can forward two SDI signal simultaneously.

In addition you can deliver six simultaneous streams to the decoder. The multiview function monitors all six signals by showing them on a screen. With its relay option the SDI receiver can forward the signal to other SDI receivers via IP with an unlimited distance. So one crew sends a signal but many TV-studios receive it in real time.


Newsspotter systems

The NewsSpotter service is based on Eutelsats Ka-band satellite. This satellite differs profoundly from other satellite systems. It provides Internet connectivity. With a guaranteed speed. You make a reservation for the bandwidth you need and you get it.

Now you can do every job for a fraction of the money you had to spend before. and you know that you get the speed instead of hoping you will reach it – like 3G/4G bonding systems promise.



With the streaming traffic packages from miniCASTER® and TV1.EU, you can start streaming immediately and hassle-free. There is no setup fee or contract time: just copy/paste the embedd code of the player into your HTML website – done! If all traffic is consumed, you can simply purchase another prepaid package.

Reach your audience on all devices & platforms

Just one signal for each device: miniCASTER® and its partner TV1.EU connect you with your target group on literally ALL different devices plus Facebook and Youtube.
This is done by just a single signal-upload – all streams are created in real-time and delivered worldwide. You save time, upload-bandwith and therefore money.

Plus, you expand your reach in addressing all smart TV users and the most important social networks – which gives you a coverage of 97%.