E-Learning Software That Really Works!

iSpring Converter Pro 8.1 - Convert PowerPoint to Flash, HTML5, and Video

Leading technology for converting .ppt and .pptx presentations, preserving all effects: transitions, animations, and even triggers!

  • Integrated Right into Your PowerPoint
  • Guaranteed to Preserve All PowerPoint Effects
  • Presentations Work Flawlessly on All Devices
  • Platforms supported:  Windows PC,  Apple Mac,  iPad,  iPhone,  Android, Windows Phone

iSpring Presenter 8.1 - Video Presentation Software for PowerPoint

Turn your message into a video presentation fast and easy right in PowerPoint.

  • iSpring gives you powerful capabilities to create interactive online presentations. Right in your PowerPoint. Fast and easy. No training required!
  • Rapidly create interactive presentations in PowerPoint, enhance them with rich media, branch viewing scenarios, add polls and surveys, and immediately share them all worldwide.

iSpring Suite 8.1 - E-Learning Authoring Supercharger

Fully-stocked e-Learning authoring toolkit for PowerPoint. No training required to start!

  • Perfect Integration with PowerPoint
  • Take advantage of the most powerful e-Learning toolkit for PowerPoint to develop quality courses, video lectures and assessments that will work on any desktop, laptop and mobile platform.
  • Create Video Lectures. Synchronize your video with your PowerPoint slides and publish it into a video presentation format to reach millions of viewers online.

iSpring Quiz Maker 8.1 - The Quiz Maker People Love to Use

Customizable, impressive, a mobile-ready quiz building tool that ensures e-Learning success.

  • Develop Quizzes in Minutes! iSpring Quiz Maker 8 saves you time and lets you create sharp surveys. Powerful and robust, it's amazingly easy to use.
  • Keep your learners engaged with highly-energized content! iSpring’s test maker allows you to make a quiz look remarkable and add vitality to your e-Learning.
  • Create Remarkable Online Quizzes

iSpring TalkMaster - Made to Train Communication Skills

iSpring TalkMaster helps build conversation simulations that effectively train and assess communication skills.

  • Instantly Create a Dialogue Scenario iSpring .TalkMaster includes a dialogue tree that allows you to create various scenes and add links between them. 
  • Apply different colors to different branches to highlight right and wrong options. Even the most complex branching conversation scenarios are kept simple thanks to this intuitive visual interface.
  • Design Realistic Scenes iSpring TalkMaster includes an extensive library of characters and backgrounds to develop realistic dialogue simulations.