Digital Signage

SonicAd® - Cloud Based Digital Signage

SonicAd Digital Signage is a complete software solution to publish and organize content anywhere from one to more than a thousand screens. Our software solutions and knowledge of digital media, coupled with our partnership agreement with Samsung in professional screens allow us to offer a turnkey solution to our customers.We give you, the customer a modern, feature-rich, flexible and stable solution for increased attention and visibility.

SonicAd® Content Manager

With SonicAd® Content Manager you will be able to design and create playlists and manage which content to appear on the various displays at any time by use of a web page.
SonicAd® Content Manager lets you assign and organize displays, design template layout and profiles, create and manage playlists and campaigns with a range of sources and publish this content to the assigned displays.

SonicAd® Player

Reliable, accurate and stable display of playlist content, status reporting to server and functionality for screen control (on/off, brightness, contrast and speaker volume).
SonicAd® Player is the software component which enables information and advertising defined in relevant playlist to appear correctly on selected displays. The software will be installed on a PC connected to a monitor. We recommend dedicated, commercial displays with a built-in PC, designed for 24/7 usage.